Honda Powersports

Riding a motorcycle is an individual expression of freedom, feeling that connection to the outside world, to the road you’re riding, becoming one with your machine. It is a culture and religion unto its own.

I had the honor of being the digital creative lead for Honda Powersports for 5 years, a client with 35 years of esteemed history with Dailey in West Hollywood.

Honda Powersports is a heritage brand, building their reputation through quality engineering by producing bullet-proof motorcycles and ATVs that required little maintenance.

With a rich racing pedigree, Honda furthered their reputation by dominating MotoGP and Motocross for many years.

Below is a curated selection of work supporting iconic product launches and 360 campaigns.

Website Redesign Samples

Photoshoot Art Direction

The shots below are by the legend Bruce Benedict, one of the best, and nicest, photographers around.
We worked together on the Honda Powersports brand over the course of 5 years, from Paso Robles to Sedona to Long Beach to San Diego.

Honda Powersports Mobile

360 Campaign Support

A few samples of the many digital campaigns and website campaign extensions.