When I was a kid, all I did was draw.

In high school they inevitably gave me that test that determines what you should pursue in college. Mine came up as “illustrator,” but I thought I’d rather be an architect.

So I went to architecture school in Rhode Island. I loved the drawing aspect of it, and to this day people tell me my printing is like a typewriter… a skill that amazes clients in meetings with those over-sized sticky notes on the wall.

I realized in the fall of 1991 that at heart I have this burning desire to create. Just not buildings.

So I switched to Art School and instead of learning structures and physics, I was obsessed with graphic design, color theory and typography. And computers.

When the internet was born I translated my design skills into digital and learned how to code.

First the idea, then technology.

To this very day I still begin the idea process with pencil and paper, to feel that raw connection I felt as a kid, that spark, without the distraction of technology. Napkin sketches over lunch are still the best.

As the idea concept moves into execution, I find ways to leverage technology to expand that idea into 360 campaigns, maximizing consumer touch points to tell a consistent brand story across many mediums. All while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

I like to inspire cross-functional teams to achieve their goals through great communication, adjusting their thinking to uncover new angles, and push them out of typical comfort zones. I am straightforward in my critiques. I have found that honest feedback makes everyone better and saves time.

Outside of “work” I enjoy photographymixing electronic music, watching action sports, drag racing, WRC, MotoGP and the “wicked good” Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox. I love a good breakfast burrito.

Behind the Scenes

From art directing mustard to getting sprayed in the head by my wife, I absolutely love shoot days. A few out takes below <3.