Taco Bell

Dailey’s sister agency Draft FCB had extensive broadcast chops with Taco Bell. But when it came time to leverage Taco Bell’s 10M Facebook fans through a massive digital campaign, they reached out to us for help.

Taco Bell had just gone through a rebrand, eschewing their jokey frat boy image for a lifestyle-first approach that would appeal to a broader market, using the new tagline “Live más.”

I lead the creative recommendation, developing a revised mobile app with steep social integration that featured group ordering, split the bill, and gamified Foursquare checkins, rewarding those who visited multiple locations.

Finding that over 70% of its customers routinely ordered the same thing we leveraged the power of social persuasion by suggesting a Get Out The Vote wild poster campaign asking fans of Taco Bell to vote for their favorite menu item via Facebook. Digital OOH and in-store digital menu boards would display real-time voting data.